Africa Update #2

Its been a whirlwind of responsibilities, finals (finance was killer), move out and couch surfing these past few weeks. With my Junior year ended, my time as a leader on campus come to a close, and saying goodbyes, it's been slightly overwhelming, and having time in between travels, I have been home hopping until I officially leave for my international trip on Wednesday, the tenth of May, at 10 am. 

Before I begin my mission trip in Uganda, I am stopping in London to see my best friend and her husband. They have been living in Worthing since September as missionaries & I am so excited to see them and witness the work they have been doing!

On the 17th of May I fly from London to Uganda and begin my two week mission trip their partnering with DOORS. (Here is their website if you want to see their ministry and who I will be working with). I will be joining them in their several different ministries and working along side them as well as have the opportunity to interview many different missionaries within DOORS and neighboring ministries. A few examples of their ministries are Uniquely Woven (the mothers focused weekly gathering), ADOORned (provides jobs for single moms through jewelry making), several kids sponsorship programs who then receive an education through the Doors Mission School (a school to educate those within Doors other ministries). These are just a few of their many different discipleship building and community loving programs & I am beyond stoked to come back with stories to tell. 

I write this at 11 pm and my first flight is tomorrow at 10 am, London here I come!

- safe travels
- an abundance of confidence
- an outpouring of love
- clarity about my future

More updates to come here! 

I've been reading through the gospel of Mark recently and I love seeing the disciples reactions to Jesus because they are genuine and realistic. By chapter 8 they have seen Jesus feed the five thousand, walk on water, cast out demons and heal the sick. YET they still struggled with Jesus’ identity. In verses 27-30 Jesus asks what others perceptions of His identity is. He first asked, “Who do people say that I am?” All of their answers were examples of people that were no longer living, showing His power but not quite His identity. He then asked the disciples who they say He is. Peter says “You are the Christ”. 

Jesus continues on to explain His suffering, future rejection, death then resurrection. Peter took Him aside and rebuked Him. They still weren’t grasping the truth in Jesus words, His full identity and the necessity of these actions. They have been traveling with Him, living with Him, experiencing life with Him but they still didn’t understand.

Jesus explains to the crowd and the disciples,

“If anyone would come after me let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. For whoever would save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake and the gospel’s will save it.”

When we meet Jesus our lives are no longer ours, but his. and if a full, deep and real relationship is grasped then that old life wouldn’t be enough anymore. Jesus would become everything and this does require us to deny ourselves. Our lives lose value to us. They become about more than us and our temporary wants or human necessities, our lives become about Jesus and others meeting the creator because we simply can’t ever grasp the heights or depths of His love. Since we have experienced the complete life with Christ, we have to share. 

So I travel to Africa not to bring myself glory with accomplishment, not to have expectations that could hold me back, not to just get another stamp in my passport, or have stories to tell. 

I am going to experience who Jesus is to them 
& to share with them who Jesus is to me.  


Finding Closure

Every time the college year comes to an end I get super sentimental. I am not one to connect with items but habits, places and people I grow attached to. 

My last night of sleeping in my bed where I laid my head down for almost 9 months was weird. I flipped on every side and looked and tried to memorize everything because this was going to be the last time I ever slept in that building in room 525 Left.

In these seasons of change I cling to the consistent. My journal, my nighttime ritual of lavender oil and a Vitamin D pill, and my parents. I typically call them more because I know they are always there either at home or running errands in places I am familiar with. It is not that I dislike change, its that I embrace it a little too much. I let the full emotions be felt. The understanding that those graduating won’t be a text and a short walk away. That what I knew to be normal was not going to exist next semester. That change is happening and going to keep coming.

& this hits me pretty hard. So, after moving out and gaining a new perspective, I find closure for my season. I ask myself questions and I journal. I talk about what was hard and I rely on the changes I’ve witnessed. I say goodbye to the past and hello to the future. 

So here is a printable because I like printables so you can embrace this season of change and find closure so that you can embrace the coming moments & be fully present. 


Easter Is

                                                              Easter is the cross
                                                              bearing the weight 
                                                              of our sins.

                                                              Easter is a father’s love
                                                              because His son had to die
                                                              for all His other kids.

                                                              Easter is unity
                                                              of believers who trust in the truth of the wood
                                                              and the pure blood that was spilled
                                                              as the forth cup was drunk
                                                              as the words were whispered
                                                              “it is finished"

                                                              Easter is hope
                                                              beyond the grave
                                                              hope in the impossible
                                                              belief in miracles
                                                              exemplified by the power 
                                                              of His love.

                                                              Easter is the lack of separation
                                                              God’s wrath was expressed
                                                              on Jesus’ body
                                                              so we can live in unity
                                                              with the Father Almighty.

                                                              Easter is the receiving 
                                                              of the power that raises the dead
                                                              back to life
                                                              when Earth’s laws 
                                                              stand as a barrier
                                                              no more.

                                                              Easter is relations 
                                                              of the new church 
                                                              it marked a new beginning 
                                                              in history
                                                              the time for a new story.

                                                              Easter is community
                                                              It’s the early morning service 
                                                              in the sun 
                                                              praising the one who suffered
                                                              as one. 

                                                              Easter is knowing
                                                              what is to come
                                                              because Jesus
                                                              is not yet done.

                                                              Easter is all of these things, 
                                                              swirling emotions,
                                                              that come with the understanding
                                                              of the fight for freedom
                                                              won on our behalf
                                                              it’s understanding
                                                              of the purpose of the cross 
                                                              and the reason for His suffering


                                                              We should live
                                                              with these beliefs and understandings 
                                                              because it is true
                                                              we wake up
                                                              we have the choice
                                                              because of that cross
                                                              we can say
                                                              we have met the one
                                                              who created us
                                                              for the love was not free
                                                              yet we have received

                                                              and we can chose to let it flow freely.