DIY Dish

  •  Colorful Spray Paint
  • Clear Spray Paint
  • Ash Tray or any Small Glass Dish
  • Newspaper or Magazines to protect the area

Step 1. Only spray in a well ventilated are with something covering the floor like magazines or newspaper.
Step 2. Take the glass piece and flip over onto the magazine with the under side facing up.
Step 3. For one color just spray evenly with the spray paint.
For two colors I just free handed mine and sprayed the darker color first on half then let it 
dry for a few minutes. Finish by spraying the other half of the glass.
Step 4. Take the glass careful and remove it from the sprayed area because if it sits in the paint while drying the paint might dry in unwanted places.
Step 5. After it is done drying, spray a final coat using the clear sealant. Let dry and use that dish!

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