Clipboard DIY Projects


Clipboards are one of those house hold items almost everyone
 has lying around but they are definitely not the prettiest. I haven't DIY'ed a clipboard in a long 
time but needed some inspiration first. Here is a large collection of DIY clipboards from all 
over the internet!
DIY Chalkboard Clipboard | WhimseyboxAlternate Moodboard Ideaingthings: DIY clipboard & my old fashioned kitchen cabinet
#diy #gift #handmade
           Here's how to make gold and acrylic clipboards, perfect for organizing an office or craft room. (From @Mandy Pellegrin) #diy #crafts
DIY Interior project: Clipboard wall decoration

clipboard moodboard DIY by AMM blog, via Flickr
inspired by this project http://ampersanddesignstudio.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/LauraParke_PaintedClipboard_006.jpg

be realistic - demand the impossible clipboard moodboard DIY by AMM blog, via Flickrhand-lettered clipboards | pen + palates
DIY Stencil Painted Clipboard, great teacher gift!

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Jodi H said...

Wow, the clipboard project is actually really cute.
xx, High Heels and Tutus

Ashley said...

Thanks for reading! I really like finding inspiration in the everyday items then personalizing them. Also I really love your style! :)