Curious about Curious Tea?

Hello lovely people! This post is a review by one of my favorite cousins (she would argue my favorite) Bethany who is also currently a college student.

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My name is Bethany Beck and I am a student at Covenant College. I love tea and the chance to discover new favorites. One day while I was on a forum for tea fanatics called Steepster, I saw an advertisement from Curious Tea to sample and blog about their tea box. I jumped at the opportunity just as anyone else would. I emailed them and in few weeks, I received the samples. I was very excited to brew them up, especially since the nicest tea I have tried is from Teavanna (don’t get me wrong though, I love teavanna). Having said that, I am very new to the exploration of my tea palate. But everyone starts somewhere.

In the tea box, I received two samples: a white tea called Snow Bud (Xue Ya) and a black tea called Darjeeling 1st Flush Thurbo. Both teas come with information and a tasting card where you can record your thoughts while you try it out.

The first tea, Snow Bud, is from the highlands of southwest Zhejiang province in China. The leaves are long and thin with a white fuzzy appearance and they give off a sweet honeydew like scent. I followed the instructions for steeping recommended on the sample bag. The first time I drank it, I put no honey or sugar in the tea so that I could taste the pure flavor. When I finished steeping the tea, there was very little visual evidence that anything had changed other than a very pale yellow trace. The liquor was very light on the tongue. It had a very sweet and round flavor with a long lasting aftertaste. Even looking at a list of words to describe tea flavors, there were few that could live up to the very individual taste this tea supplied. I would suggest adding a touch of your favorite sweetener because the initial taste is very strong. In all, I enjoyed this tea very much!
Snow Bud

The second tea, Darjeeling First Flush, came from the Thurbo Tea Estate in Mirik Valley of western Darjeeling, India. The dry leaves also give of a sweet scent but they also have an earthy undertone to them. The leaves vary in size but for the most part are thin and small. I again, followed the directions for steeping and when it was finished, the liquid was a very pleasant golden or a light amber hue. The tea gave of a very sweet and flowery aroma. My initial thought on sipping this tea was shock on how different the scent and the taste was. I was expecting a honey like taste, however it was more of a bitter taste with a flowery undertone. It was not at all an unpleasant flavor however, as with the first, I would suggest some honey. Out of the two teas, this was my favorite.

Darjeeling First Flush

Just so that you understand, the way Curious Tea works is that you pay the set subscription fee (£16.95 per month or £44.85 every 3 months) and choose the type of selections you wish to try. You can either choose light, dark, or mixed. Each month, Curious Tea will select two teas for you, pack them up, and send them your way. The box comes with two 50g sample bags with information about the tea and brewing instructions and two cards for you to fill out your observations. This is a great way to explore new quality teas from around the world! Were I not living on a college income of $0.00, I would love to become a subscriber. If you are “curious” about Curious Tea, you can visit their website (http://www.curioustea.com).

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