The Philippines

Can I just start by saying THANK YOU to anyone who had anything to do with my trip, whether it was fundraising or praying! It was an amazing trip and opportunity that couldn't have happened without your help and prayers!

Now it has been almost three week since I got back from the Philippines and I am drowning in homework and I am still feeling under the weather, as well as most of the girls on my trip. Almost all 27 of us ended up sick with colds and strep throat.

For right now, I am just going to answer the most common question I have been getting and it is...

What was your favorite part?

I loved everything about this trip, and there was a lot that we did everyday, but my ultimate favorite part of my trip was getting to hang out with Josie's girls. Kids International Ministries owner, Jeff Long's daughter is Josie and she grew up in the Philippines. After she graduated high school she went to the states to get her cosmetology degree then she went back to the Philippines for a short period of time. During that time she led a weekly Bible study with local girls and just fell in love with them. She got to hear a lot of their stories and a lot of them were living in unsafe homes, so God placed a dream on her heart. Today she has officially adopted 38 girls from the ages of 12-22 and most of them had been sexually abused.

Our team was originally created as an all girls team so that we could love and minister to these girls. So on Tuesday, all 37 girls (one girl was brought into the family after we left) came over to KIM to make journals, have worship and to do a devotion. It was quite different then what I was thinking it would be like. It started with us just meeting a bunch of the girls and I hit it off with a couple of them. Next we split off into small groups and had a devotion time. This was fun, but the best part was worship. I can't even explain it, but when we started singing songs that the girls knew, the atmosphere changed. We sang and danced with love for the same God and it was such a cool experience!

They came back again Thursday and Friday night, and we just spent time with the girls. On Thursday night Josie got her hands on the canvases and paint so the girls got to express themselves which was a really special thing for them. All of the girl's works were amazing. The ones pictured were my two main squeezes Aina and Dyana.

Saturday was our last day in the Philippines and we got to spend the entire day with them. They met us at KIM then we first rode a trike to the main road. A trike (pictured) holds 6 people plus the driver. Two sit in the back of the left side then the driver puts a piece of wood down and the next two people sit on that. That leaves two more who sit behind the driver sideways with their feet dangling. Next we road two Jeepneys to get to a McDonalds. Jeepneys are like metal buses except smaller and lacking air conditioning. This was quite a unique experience. Even the McDonalds was different, I had very sweet spaghetti and fried chicken. Next everyone got to see a movie at the theater which was in a mall. Most girls went to see Insurgent but my two wanted to see Cinderella so a group broke off and went to see Cinderella. It was a normal American experience until Prince Charming came on the screen all the girls started squealing and it was so fun. We all loved Cinderella and the reactions of the girls will be something I never forget.



That night, Saturday evening, when we all to say goodbye was the worst part of the trip. I couldn't help but cry because I was leaving two of my favorite people in the world there in the Philippines. Those girls stole my heart because of how much love they show even after the things they have gone through

I thank God for my experience and I am grateful that it was even possible for me to travel to the Philippines. I can't wait to see where else God sends me. Love you all.

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