As I've gotten older I have begun to hate the title "missionary".

Within the church there is this automatic reaction to the title missionary. This immediate lifting of the person onto a pedestal. "Wow they must really have faith” some might think. At least this was how my church was. We would have a guest speaker for the children’s Sunday school lesson and they would speak of where they have been and what they are purposefully doing there. How people outside of America need Jesus too.
I know as a little kid I thought they were beyond human. I thought they had better relationships with God then my parents did because my parents weren’t living outside of the United States. 

As I have gotten older I have begun to see the world for more than what my little eyes could see. The “Christian scale” that I had rated people on long ago has been challenged and declared irrelevant. But I feel like the definition of missionary stays the same.

Let me clarify something.
They believe in Jesus and love Him.
You believe in Jesus and love him.
They were specifically created to live in that specific country and to serve the people there.
You were specifically created to live in your two story house and drive 1.2 miles down the road to work from 9-5. God has placed that specific missionary at that specific place for a reason just like He placed you at that particular job for a reason.

You are both being called to be missionaries.

When I was a Freshmen in college I went on a spring break mission trip to the country of the Philippines. There we worked with a well established ministry just partnering with them as they did the normal everyday work. We went with them to the normal feeding locations, we walked up the road to the orphanage and sat with the toddlers, and we worked in the pregnancy center. I honestly don’t believe my presence their changed the world. I didn’t do anything the others weren’t capable of. But it did change mine.

It changed the whole entire way I saw the world & I was only there a week. 

While this was just a short term trip, it lit a new passion inside me for international missions and showed me just a small glimpse at  the amount of brokenness in the world. As an American Millennial,  I believe I have been a little sheltered. Sometimes certain topics are avoided because it might just be a little too intense for a young lady, including the amount of sex trafficking that happens within America. I believe the issues Christians, along with the rest of the world, face are not as distant as they seem. 

I 1000% believe we have all been called to carry the title “missionary”. We have all been called to love on our neighbors and make disciples. To be aware of the specific hurting in the world. To make sacrifices within our comfortable living. To exit our houses and do something for other people. To show them that they are not alone in this world and tell them that, besides you,

Because He does but they might not know it & you might need to be the one to tell them. 

So pray for the missionaries who are living in dangerous situations all over the world
but also pray for your neighbor so he can have enough courage to reach out to those around him and tell them they are loved. 

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