Sit in the Desolate

We learn a lot from Jesus through the life He lived here on Earth as a human. Tempted and tried by this world He understands us and our struggles all the while showing us the perfect example of what God is calling us to be. 

I’ve been reading through Luke over the past two weeks and I have noticed a repeat of the same words.

Jesus withdrew.

He would draw back from society and people and entered into desolate places to be filled again. To have a conversation with the Father. To be refilled by the Holy Spirit. 

We aren’t all introverts meaning we don’t all need to be away from people to recharge ourselves but this isn’t the same thing. It doesn’t matter if we recharge in groups. This is a universal concept that is often ignored and deemed unnecessary. 

But with today’s busy schedules and constant going we may have our “quiet time” but it probably involves the exact same thing every day. It might be pulling out a journal and noting down the key points of the day. Next it could be opening a devotional app and reading then processing this. It could be reading a chapter of the Bible and sitting in it. It could include a few quick words up to the Father. 

All of these acts are important but we still aren’t learning the concept of being still. We still aren’t removing ourselves from Earth to seek the Heavenly. 

The Sabbath was what completed the creation story. God wasn’t done until He had experienced Menuha (rest in Hebrew). We need to learn to scream our freedom to the world by saying no and retreating. By seeking refuge in His presence and being still. By praying without interruption. By reading to hear His voice and instruction. 

I have no idea what this looks like in your life and I have barely begun figuring it out in mine. I just know it was commanded by God to His people who were slaves. They were set free but they carried that slave mentality with them just like we still do today.

God created it because we NEED it. Not because it will be beneficial every once in a while or because it teaches us something one time. It gives us strength and guides us through our lives because we have said no the world and yes to personal time with God. 

Not many people see this as a necessary Spiritual practice but it is. It is something that is learned and grown over time. I’ll testify it is not easy but once achieved it expands our awareness of God's presence which we so often crave.
So go try it. Then try it again. and again. Learn to be quiet because in the stillness He speaks.

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