Deep Calls to Deep

My friend that lives two floors below me is struggling so I sat with her. My best friend texted me from another country asking for prayer. Another friend wants to get coffee. I ran into that one friend from two years ago and I want to be there for her. 

Relationships are hard.

A relationship with God is even harder.
He is not a physical being sitting in front of me getting coffee.
He is not someone I can text to check on. 
He requires more than the average relationship.

Yet I want to reach out and go deeper but that is hard too. It takes an open heart. It takes a lot of faith. It takes determination, self-motivation and strength. It takes desire. It takes encouragement. It takes self examination. It takes baby steps

to just move a fraction of an inch closer to Him.

so to the girl who wants to go deeper,
its not easy but it is worth it.

It is worth an hour of prayer. It is worth a whole journal full. It is worth internet searching to learn more about Scripture so that you can learn more about the author. 

I have been asked for steps. for a simple map to follow to turn a lukewarm faith into a steaming hot cup of tea. But I can’t give it. I can't just point down one path and say that He will meet you down there. Because He is here, not a step further away. He is sitting with you as you read this because that is who He is. 

So seek it. 

I know this is said over and over again but are you really trying? I don’t mean day one of planning to spend time seeking him but are you trying day after day. Priorities are made?

I found God in the uncomfortable. In the situations where you have to turn to Him because you can’t turn any other way, full reliance. When God calls you deeper it is almost never private and alone. So try saying yes to something you normally wouldn’t. Don’t just settle for the easy and normal. Ask for this. Plead with God to take you out of your comfort zone. To serve Himself to you in an obvious way. 

Because He is    w a i t i n g.

Just itching for you to call His name. 

It is like a phone call. Your friend answers & you get coffee. You talk about life. What is going and how you feel about it. By the end of the coffee date you know more about the other person and how they think. You are more aware of what makes them, them. 

This is what you need to do with God. 

Have a coffee date. Simple. One hour commitment. Meet Him at the coffee shop. Or outside at the park. Or in your bed. Spend fifteen minutes writing down what you would tell Him or speak it aloud. Then read His word but not just the words. Choose a book. Then look at who wrote it, when and why. Then read. Make sure your reading it with the right intentions. You are trying to learn about God so look for Him. Can’t find anything? You didn’t read it right. Try again. Read more. It is there and will be made clear. He is screaming to you. 

Sit still and listen. It does not take complete silence for you to hear. Then pray. Speak with Him. Plead with Him about something or someone in your life. Pray like you are expecting an answer. 

Find the Joy, ask for Desire & do it all over again.

Because He will meet you where you are.  

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