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I've been getting asked these questions a lot recently... Do you actually read your Bible everyday? What do you use for your Jesus time? If I am trying to become more diligent what would you recommend? So in honor of everyone who has asked and to accompany my Deep Calls to Deep post, here ya go.

Before we go on we need to talk about what a devotional actually is. This is typically something written by a human to guide you in the Word. These can amazing when you are just starting or need a little fresh perspective but this ultimately does not replace the raw reading of the Scriptures. BUT I highly encourage you to start here and learn. Learn from others who have been doing this for a while, learn from more diverse points of view and ultimately learn so you can do it on your own.

There are tons of options out there these are just the ones I have enjoyed using. I have used all of these at different times for different ways of having quiet time so try more than one to really find a good match. 

*Also these are in no particular order and are all different types and prices.  

This is one of my personal favorites. This is a website that typically goes through a book of the Bible and uses cross referencing in the daily readings too! They are currently going through 1, 2, & 3 John but they have a large archive so you can choose a different book too. Now the website is free but they also sell Bible Study books which are beautiful too!

I feel like this is everyones go to Bible app but they have really great Bible reading plans too! One I did recently was Chasing the Lion by Mark Batterson. This app also has tons of great features such as many different versions and it even reads the chapter out loud. 

This is a ministry by Andy Stanley and He writes some awesome short daily devotions. These are available for free both on the website or you can get them mailed to you by the month. This is what I am currently getting and using and I love having the little monthly books because I can keep them in my journal and write on the pages my thoughts. 

If you haven't heard of the If:Gathering it is a conference that was started by Jennie Allen who had 
the vision to gather, equip, and unleash women to live out God’s calling on their lives. This is an awesome conference even for college students so if you get the opportunity to attend, go! If not they live stream it online for free. After last year's conference they launched an app that posts interactive daily devotions.

This is an awesome app that has graphic design screen savers everyday & they are gorgeous! The only thing is it costs some money but I think it is worth it. It is $10 for a year so ultimately a great price. So there are daily devotionals that include stories, Scriptures and quotes. Whenever I find a graphic I love I just take a screenshot of it and put that as my background.

This book is not something I would recommend for your daily Jesus time alone. It is more of a daily inspiration book. Each day the writing is meant to be from God to you. When I got back from India I loved reading this to transition and help me back into the culture within the States.


This is a recent discovery. This is an online community built around the desire to seek God. You can connect with others through different ways including, my personal favorite, book clubs. They have a lot of different contributors which means many different points of view come through this site.

A few books I have not read but heard great things are My Utmost for His Highest & Streams in the Desert

Okay say you have been using these but you don't want necessarily that much help, you want to begin on your own but with a tiny bit of guidance. Here are a few to get you walking on the yellow brick road on your own.

This is a book written by Alan Stibbs in 1967 but was recently revised. I personally ordered an old version off amazon used for 5 bucks and it was so worth it! This is an awesome thing to accompany your Scripture reading. It is a three year plan and it simply tells you which Scriptures to read then it has a few questions. These questions are the keys to my understanding. I have so many "Aha" moments when I look at the Scriptures for the answers. This is an amazing transition book from guided devotionals into your own reading and interpretation of the Scriptures. 

Women of the Word

This was written by Jen Wilkin recently and I read it over the summer. She really dives into how she personally reads and studies Scriptures. Just a warning: This one can be overwhelming. I enjoyed it because I learned a lot but her process was really really detailed. So if you want to learn a lot about how to study Scripture, read this one. ($6.99 on Christian Book)

Jane Johnson's How to Study Scripture Ebook

Now I haven't read this one but have heard all sorts of good things so I felt like adding it as just another option. This one is pricey at $25 but can be viewed as an investment. Let me know if you have used this one!


This article is an awesome read before you dive into the Scriptures.
This is an awesome free online commentary to accompany you in Scriptures.
This is an awesome app for memorizing scripture.
What to do when you don't feel God is a video by Jefferson Bethke which brings a fresh perspective to things
The Bible Project is a team who make videos that are detailed over views of the Books of the Bible and also focuses on certain aspects such as the covenants. Amazing for before you begin to study a book of the Bible on your own. 

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