Gobble Gobble

If you know me then you know Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday. It doesn’t require much. Just a house with an oven and some beds, couches and some sleeping bags. My family gathers at my cabin in the mountains of Georgia and with the leaves fallen, the wood and the smell of my mom cooking it means something special. 

I also hate turkey. Not a fan of the white meat so my momma makes me a honey glazed ham every year and I ask her to buy the greatest rolls and I eat sandwiches for the next seven days without regrets. There are also casseroles and stuffings and sweat potatoes that everyone else likes, I am just a little bit picky. So heres to gaining 5 lbs in one day!

We always go around the table and say the basic things we are grateful for. I love & hate this because sometimes it feels like it is the only time of year that we actually sit and think about our blessings, while the ones we voice are just so simple. 

So while I was sitting in my bed the other night I chose a friend’s name and thought about what her characteristics are that bless me. The actions she takes to show others that she loves them. The words she uses to encourage others. The way her personality is. The joys that she brings into my life & then I remembered I have two packs of 20 cards from target that are just waiting to be written & so begins my journey.

So I thought, okay, I’ll challenge myself. I will write 20 cards to people in my life that mean a great deal to me. Of course then I got to do the fun part, research for designs to go on the front. I looked on Etsy and Pinterest for some great options if you just want to purchase one and print them off at home! I gathered my inspirations and grabbed my sharpie and got to writing.

I also decided to write God a letter telling Him which characteristics of His have come to me in a time where I needed them most. How His love was enough in that specific moment. Where His grace taught me something. Where hope holds it’s power. Just how He has blessed me recently.

Have an amazing Thanksgiving and enjoy your family + much needed breaks! How are you showing the one’s you love how much you are thankful for them just being themselves?

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