I don't write about politics

I would typically never choose to speak about politics but the way that this country is reacting, I don't think I can't. 

So you know what went down this week, the election. 

And people are angry. 
And people are happy
And people are scared. 
And people are hurt. 

This was the very first election that I have been able to vote and what a memorable and stress filled experience it has been. So many people with so many loud opinions, it was hard to quiet everyone else long enough to hear my own thoughts rattle in my head. So when I mailed my absentee ballot in I was as confident as I could be. 

You know I have friends who skipped class because they didn't want to face the very politically passionate professor who encourages openness. She didn't want to experience the tossing of opinions & that's just the stuff that happened face to face. Facebook has literally been avoided entirely. It is just a slew of loud mouth people who are either lacking humility or splashing out in hate. 

My mom called me and told me about what someone said on Facebook and she is not very political but she felt disrespected. She wanted to post a comment but I told her it would get nowhere, and it's true. 

All these opinions and this emotion, all this hate. It is ridiculous. People are burning flags. Christian are finding more comfort or discomfort in who was elected our next president then the fact that the true king still reigns. If He is in control, like I believe, than don't you think he knew who would be elected into office? Don't you think God has a plan for this entire world, including our country? 

I have never seen such a lack of peace among His people. Or a lack of empathy. Or just a lack of love. 

So just stop & Breathe. 

Choose to trust the Creator and his plan. It will all be okay. Love your neighbor despite who they voted for. Despite how they reacted. Despite what they said & if you don’t think you can at this time, choose to remove yourself until you can. 

We have to stop this. We have to stand up for who we believe in. We as Christians are held to much higher standards and I believe most of us are falling short due to this simple event. Most of us are allowing our own opinions and emotions to cloud our judgement and force us to handle it a certain way. We are generalizing a lot of things. There is not a line drawn in the sand. There is not a right or wrong side. There is no Christian or non-Christian side either. 

You know why people are reacting so strongly? Because they are looking at the future. They either like what they are seeing or they are disappointing that their dreams crashed. But, again, our president does not control our future, God does. 

So please look at yourself. Are you honoring God in the way that you are handling this? Do you feel at peace? If not, pray about it then wait a day and ask again. 

Choose to love even when its hard and trust even when you don't think it will help. Sit in the fact that God is holding this country in the palm of His hand. 

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