I was feeling the full weight of the enter into November so I decided to make a zine to show my goals as my welcome of the month of November.

If you have never heard of a zine it is a small handmade journal that was extremely popular in the 70's then 90's and is still an alive and kickin art form now. If you looked it up on etsy tons of artists sell their works on there. I personally was inspired yesterday when I was reading Giant Days (comic book series) and the lead made one then photo copied them and distributed them on campus. 

 I was thinking about picking some goals for the month of November and I wrote them all down last night then I decided to take the overflow of creative juices and make my own zine for the month of November. If you need a little inspiration here is a zine party that happened over at Chronicle Publishing. I just used one piece of 11x8 paper for mine (here are instructions)

1. Healthy Eating, I am finding that all this crappy calorie filled foods are making my body slow down so I am going to focus on eating better foods for me. In turn, I hope this helps my energy levels and bring about a healthier body.

2. A focus on self care. I am getting really stressed about a lot of things including those fun things called emotions and I am finding that I need to be more self aware and what this is doing to my body and mind. So I am trying to bring about more awareness of what is going through my head and realigning my priorities. 

3. The concept that God is a secret keeper is all throughout the Bible and I want to learn more about what that means for me. I have been trying to focus on studying this so I can turn it into a possible 5 day devotion for others to use to but my motivation has been severely lacking, as told in points 1 & 2.

4. Accept my Responsibilities. I know this sounds funny but because of my current health state nothing is fun anymore including all the things I once enjoyed, such as hanging out with people. I know right, an introvert not wanting to hang out with people, who would have guessed that! So with my focus on health so comes my focus on what God has placed on my plate for the rest of this semester. 

5. Yay it's November so that means Thanksgiving Break! & with this lovely time away from school comes the family gatherings and the actual meaning of the holiday, counting your blessings. So this month I am trying to focus on what blessings I am currently being loved on with.

6. Turn this feeling of gratefulness over to the one who has given me all the blessings, my favorite Father. Did you know God can be blessed by us?

7. Oh yeah this one. Being present is something everyone always says because hey, you blink your eyes and college is gone. This one kind of sums up all the previous points into one overall goal. To be present. To love on those around me. To appreciate where I am in this moment, now. To set goals and look to the future without living there. 

 November is the beginning of the holiday season. A time filled with discontentment and family time. Slow down long enough to enjoy it!

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