19 Things I learned at 19

So this week (before Jesus' birthday) I turned 20. // P.S. my face is red because I get embarrassed when other people take pictures of me // Yay to leaving the teen years, take that dad you can’t call me a teenager anymore. I was thinking about how impactful this year was so I tried to come up with 19 things I learned. I did it.

  1. I need people who make me feel known.
  2. Speak out when you are hurt. Communicate.
  3. Love doesn’t follow a schedule that society sets. God's hand is always working.
  4. God is always good & He tells you all the time. Just listen.
  5. Our gifts were given to us for a reason. Identify them then figure out how to share the joy.
  6. God calls people into mission work of every kind in every single place. Passport unnecessary. 
  7. Proposals are beautiful things. Just don’t let them lead into comparison. 
  8. Learn to recognize what is healthy for you. Maybe you need a day to yourself or maybe you need to talk to someone about life. 
  9. Sharing is important. Me toos are extremely powerful.
  10. Your story matters. No matter how basic, no matter how uneventful. It is yours. Own it.
  11. Public Speaking is scary but sometimes God just needs you to do it anyway.
  12. Sometimes you go through a season where God doesn’t say anything but you can still see him everywhere if you look.
  13. Stop and watch the fireworks.
  14. You are forgiven. Live like it. 
  15. What did you build your foundation on?
  16. Sometimes you are prepared for change but you didn’t realize you were entering into a harder season. You learn the art of appreciation. 
  17. Try & be present.
  18. Love hard.
  19. Love yourself. It is worth your time. Build yourself up. Be confident in yourself. Then go & change the world. 

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