Under Your Feet

I love the verses in Luke 6 that talk about building your house on the rock. Jesus is teaching to the masses. He is telling them that they will experience both blessings and curses. He tells them to do this radical act of loving your enemies. He tells them not to judge others because what they do comes back and lands in their laps. He teaches them to be humble. He explains that each tree is known for its unique fruit. Then He comes to the end of his time teaching and he finishes.

He explains that these teachings aren’t just to be heard but are meant to be lived. They are meant to be focused on. They are meant to be worked towards. They are meant to be examples of who God is and what His characteristics are.

“Why do you call me ‘Lord, Lord’ and not do what I tell you?”

These people are witnessing life changes. These people are seeing miracles. People coming back from the dead. Crazy healings. Spirits lifted.

So they seek Him and they ask all the questions. Are you really who you say you are? Can you really heal people? Did God really send you? Okay I believe you. Now what do I do?

Don’t these sound similar to our own questions that we have or are asking?

So Jesus tells them how actually obeying His words affects lives. He says it is like building a solid foundation. One of rock that can not be moved. One full of truth. One full of honesty. One full of love. One of beauty. One that is consistent. One that knows what it is and why it is there, meaning that it can do its job.

Every single time we read the Bible we add a little bit more rock. Every time we pray we pack it a little tighter. We expand the pad of foundation we have laid. It grows stronger and it builds on itself.

Because when the storms come, because they certainly do, we are more prepared. Our house is sturdier. It can withstand the harsh winds of culture and it’s opinions. It can handle the pelting of lies. It can prepare itself against the steadily climbing water full of problems.

The reason it makes it is because it was well built.

Today, if you are shaking because of life, look down, under your feet and what do you see?
If it doesn’t seem enough to you then guess what. You have the power to change it.
Go read, go speak, go seek & keep building. 
It will be stronger everyday.  

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