The Uganda Story

Why another trip? Why Uganda? 

If you followed with me through my India adventure you know it was hard. It was full of struggles and joys. The two month period made this even harder, which made me hesitant to go on another trip. 

But I love mission work. It doesn’t matter where it is but for some reason God planted a desire to travel to other parts of the world in me. To live like them and be with them. To study His word and pray together. I absolutely love it. So I have about a year left of college, I am almost done with this season and I am praying about what God has for the coming chapters. Specifically, I am praying about how, after college, I can serve God in a different country. 

So I looked into the short term trips through GCU, which is who I went through for both the Philippines and India. I prayed hard about them and talked with everyone on leadership about what my options were, but in the end, I didn’t have any. God closed the door to going through GCU this year but I still felt the desire to go. So I started seeking out my other options but I have to jump back a couple of years to explain.

When my mom and I moved to Corpus Christi, Texas to live with dad we started going to a church called Bay Area Fellowship (now called Church Unlimited) and that is where I got involved in the student ministry. I ended up going to the church camp they offered for middle school and high school students and it was a game changer for me. I stopped seeing God as this distant being who towered above everyone choosing when to love and when to judge. I started my relationship with Him on this trip and that was the beginning. So through this camp I had a leader, Natalie, who was 18 and living in Uganda. She moved there right after she graduated High school and that is where my first interest in international missions began, which I later explored in my freshman year of college on my trip to the Philippines.

So I thought of her when I was waiting on a direction to go & I reached out. I sent her a message and she encouraged me and pointed me in the direction towards DOORS official volunteer coordinator, Ashley. 

So at the end of November I got the email that officially invited me to come to Uganda for two weeks in May and so begins the journey!

I have always wanted to visit Africa and this will be an amazing opportunity for me to explore more of my passion for other cultures and love on the people there. I will also get the chance to ask questions about this ministry. I will even have the opportunity to go to surrounding ministries and speak to them about their experiences and how they ended up where they are now. 

How God is going to use me there, I have no idea, but I am being faithful and obedient to His calling and am trusting that He will provide. I am so excited but I am asking for prayer through every step of the process since the details need to be ironed out. If anyone feels led to help support me through this adventure please contact me!

God is so good & I love stepping back and seeing Him work in ways only He can.

Praying God's will,


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