Where to begin in 2017

This new year, I was excited. Sitting in the cabin with my computer connected to the tv and the New York ball rising slowly before the much anticipated drop.

It is such an anxiety filled moment. 

It's because we know we are coming to an end and we have mixed emotions. Last year had its good times and its bad but it was consistently 2016. We knew what month came next. We knew when the next three day holiday would come. We knew every action, every adventure was protected under the 2016 umbrella. 

And here we are facing change in the face. Facing a dark unknown future that could change our lives.

2017 began as something scary to me and I typically, am not one to fear change. I was not looking forward to returning to school and getting a job. Finding an apartment and a roommate. I graduate college at the end of this year. And four days later I turn 21. This is where people begin to ask me questions about what I want to do with my life & this is the scariest thing I have faced. 

On Christmas we did a family devotional and it said, "What do you think constitutes the difference between struggling with God and struggling against Him?" 

Where do you turn when you face hard times? Where do you look when the changes coming? Where does your light come from when you feel like your sitting in the darkness? 

I would like to think I turn to God but I know I do that when I am facing a mountain but those foothills, I think I got those. My head does not look anywhere else because I am a problem solver. 

So the second of January and my cousin and I went to the Passion conference in downtown Atlanta. & of course, this conference wrecked me. Everything I was struggling so deeply with. Everything that overwhelmed my thoughts making my actions was addressed. Was put in its place. Was guided on to the path that faced God's direction. 

& I found so much joy in this moment this whole year looks different now. No unknown is daunting. The things I was dreading weren't as scary anymore. 

I was given the chance to turn to God first this year and it put me in my place. 

Give God the opportunity to be your first so you can find the Joy too.  

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