All For What

For the glory of the kingdom of God.

I was just looking at some wedding photos by a friend and I realized the beauty in the purpose. The goal was to take nice enough pictures to be put on the wall or on Save the Dates but it was more than that. The pictures were meant to capture the love between the two. Something grown over months or years of late night conversations and breakfast dates. The pictures were encompassing their relationship in an intimate way while, at the same time, sharing it with others. Add in the fact that they love Jesus and they are seeing one another through a very specific lens that reflects God's heart makes it that much more beautiful. The pictures were shining Jesus.

I want to do that. I want to have my craft projects be completed with purpose. I want my photos to show love. I want my travels to be selfless. I want my heart to be at work, serving others my focus. 
I want my work & my words to reflect God because that is my purpose within this world. As this generation focuses on their desires they seem to run with them far more than quieting themselves in God’s presence. 

We want to feel filled in every step, and if not we will pass. We want to have the choice to sacrifice. We want the option to back out. We want an escape plan. We are so focused on the busyness and the status that we miss the point. 

Sometimes we also look for one big purpose. Our reason for being created. This is talked about more often than not. We need to follow our God given passions to run into our purpose here on Earth. But it simply isn't true. We were not created for one job. We were not created for one project. We were not created for one relationship. We were not created for one child. We were created to bring God glory. We were created to bring others with us back home, to His kingdom. 

We need to recognize the power in the intent of the daily tasks.

We need to do more, but not in the way you think. 

We don’t have to travel to Africa. We don’t have to switch jobs again. We don’t have to just serve on Sunday mornings. We sometimes funnel our own visions to our current limited view. To see what we want to see. To cry for the obvious brokenness then rely on others and their hearts to fix these issues. To use our emotions and hearts as our guides, sometimes above God's guiding voice. 

This generation is full of dreamers & doers & makers & lovers. We are sobbing at the world’s brokenness & chaos. We deeply desire change & progress. We want to see a brighter future. We want to see more love in this world.

But it can also be easy to go through the day thinking, “I did enough. I love God & He loves me. I loved others.” 

But we need to take photos for God’s glory
we need to sing in the car for his glory
we need to wait patiently at the grocery store for His glory
we need to use our words to build others up for his glory
we need to recognize the daily steps of obedience that bring Him glory
We need to take every step in life,
every breathe in life, 
for God’s glory
for His praises.

We need to live the daily for our dad’s glory & His kingdom.


 It's funny because I wrote this then read Philippians 2. It says Jesus came, not relying on His unity with the all powerful Father, to be a servant to us, humbled to death. So God made His name higher than every other name, to the glory of God the Father. Every single one of Jesus' actions were for the Father's glory. Ours should be too. 

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