Africa Update


I am fully funded and have bought my plane ticket to Africa, I arrive in Uganda on the 17th of May and return on June 1st! I recently received my Itinerary and it includes many one on ones with local missionaries since this is something on my heart. When communicating with DOORS and discussing the point of my trip, Ashley, the volunteer coordinator, understood my place in life and made this plan. She is giving me the opportunity to sit down with long term missionaries and ask questions about their different roles in Uganda. I feel beyond blessed to even have this unique and individualistic opportunity, which I know I couldn’t experience if I wasn’t traveling by myself.

Other than those one on ones, my schedule includes me coming along side DOORS within their normal day to day tasks and weekly ministries. I am beyond stoked to love on the missionaries as they serve & witness to the community!

For the past two years God has always brought me confidence and clarification through the fundraising process and this year is no different. It is the beginning of March and I am fully funded after sending my letters out just two months ago. God always reveals Himself to me through this time and It always brings me joy in the support and encouragement taking the steps forward.

I ask for prayers as I communicate and prepare for my trip. I am unsure of what God will specifically ask me to do while there but my heart is open and excited to see how He uses me. Every trip has taught me more about God’s identity as well as my own through challenging and joy filled experiences.

Prayer Requests:

-Preparation through organizing everything & finishing my semester here at GCU
-Traveling out of country by myself
-Confidence while in Africa and for strong Spirit leadings

I’ll keep everyone updated here on my blog and am always willing to talk about past experiences or answer any questions! Also if you have any prayer requests please let me know!

With Joy,
Ashley Jo

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