Meeting God

I think some people lose their imagination. This is the creative thinking that brings forward big dreams, some attainable, some impossible. Children use their creativity and imagination much much more than we do since we rely on intelligence and learned what the words “worry” and “stress” mean. 

But I think it plays a really important role in our relationship with God. 

We trust that He exists. We go to church. We sing the worship song, maybe raising a hand. We take the steps that we feel are expected, sometimes feeling closer to Him than other times.

But He always always always shows up. He is consistently there & this does not rely on us in anyway. It doesn’t come from our striving, our rejection of sin or our intentional love of others. He also does not ignore us when we fall into sin, when we reject someone, when we chose selfishness.

He just comes
and it's not because of or in reaction to us. 

But we don’t understand this. Our minds can’t grasp this concept. This unyielding love and loyalty makes no sense to us since we are flesh & blood. We use our brains and our hearts to make decisions but these are tainted by what we know and how we feel. 

But He chooses to meet with us anyways.

When I was in High School my mom & I were living up at my Cabin in the north Georgia mountains during a temporary period of lack of direction and a job. So we were there and I wanted to try out different churches to get plugged in, but it was easy for me to hold back especially knowing the word “temporary” was defined as 6 months tops while I was in High School. Why invest when you are just going to leave? Anyway my mom and I were trying out our third church & it was a Sunday morning. They opened the stage up for anyone to come and share anything on their hearts. This girl who was a little younger than me (at age 15) and she walked up fearlessly sharing her heart. She said how sometimes when she is overwhelmed & hurt by this world, she lays on her bed and pictures God just holding her. Just squeezing her. Just showing up. She said by her picturing Him there, she receives peace and confidence in Him. She imagined Him and connected in a way many people can't because they can't physically see Him, they don't use their imaginations. That has sat with me ever since. 

Our imaginations can be used to help us. To help our minds grasp the meeting place where God shows up for us every time. 

I started trying this a while ago. Sometimes it’s easier and sometimes my creativity slips leaving me alone in my own mess of thoughts and doubts. But over the years I discovered its beauty. 

My friend is doing the world race and she posted this on her blog & I got hit with understanding. She wrote my feelings and thoughts on this in a different way. 

Everyone is different. Your meeting places will be different. What you receive from God will be different. But the meeting place is so important and sometimes we limit ourselves to our beds with our Bibles open and our pretty journals ready but He is always near.

You can talk, you can be silent. 

He will show up, try it.  

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