Finding Closure

Every time the college year comes to an end I get super sentimental. I am not one to connect with items but habits, places and people I grow attached to. 

My last night of sleeping in my bed where I laid my head down for almost 9 months was weird. I flipped on every side and looked and tried to memorize everything because this was going to be the last time I ever slept in that building in room 525 Left.

In these seasons of change I cling to the consistent. My journal, my nighttime ritual of lavender oil and a Vitamin D pill, and my parents. I typically call them more because I know they are always there either at home or running errands in places I am familiar with. It is not that I dislike change, its that I embrace it a little too much. I let the full emotions be felt. The understanding that those graduating won’t be a text and a short walk away. That what I knew to be normal was not going to exist next semester. That change is happening and going to keep coming.

& this hits me pretty hard. So, after moving out and gaining a new perspective, I find closure for my season. I ask myself questions and I journal. I talk about what was hard and I rely on the changes I’ve witnessed. I say goodbye to the past and hello to the future. 

So here is a printable because I like printables so you can embrace this season of change and find closure so that you can embrace the coming moments & be fully present. 

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