There is a lot of fear that runs our lives for us so I decided this year was my year to be brave. To write even when I am afraid it will be read. To speak even when I'm afraid I will be heard. To push myself to learn self discipline and to express my God given talents that I have been burying in the sand so no one will ask me about them.
God spoke a word over me for the year.
; to let someone else have or use a part of (something that belongs to you)
The thing is my words don't belong to me. They haven't since the day I understood who God was. When I died to self so He could live in me. So He could use me, including all the things I would rather hide from Him because He is perfect and I am not. My talents that were placed over me when God created me are not mine to take possession of but are meant to be on display for others as a physical display of how good God is. So other people can be inspired and create and grow because if this nineteen year old girl can be open about the serious stuff then so can you.
So here I am tucked in my bed with my big blue blanket trying to get to know my Father better while navigating life filled with half green tea and half lemonade and all sorts of fears one contemplates at night all the while trying to muster up enough courage to write the words of my soul down and hit the button labeled "publish".

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