Let's Take it Slow

Moving to a new country in which you don't speak the native language or know how to do literally anything means it will take a bit to do the normal everyday tasks your use to doing without thought. I honestly feel like a child relearning how to do everything...

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A Weekend Away in Savannah

Life Update! I move to Ukraine this Friday (3/9) I know crazy right. Honestly, it doesn't seem real but I'll let you know my reaction when I step outside of the airport and feel the snow. It will be a wake-up call.

Anyway, so my parents and I drove down to Savannah for the weekend and enjoyed the city.

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Farewell Billy Graham

Last Thursday morning my mom came downstairs and shared with me that Billy Graham had passed away. She was crying about it because she felt his loss personally. Later that day we went to town and ate some lunch with the ladies where my mom talked about it and started crying...

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