Interview // Rosie Loudermilk


In this season of life, what three words would you use to describe it?

New, Growth & Surprises

Why surprises? 

Because I have no idea what I am doing so each day is a surprise.

Even though I have no idea what the crap I am doing, I try my best not to worry about it because God will lead me where He is calling me.

If you had any advice to give, what would it be?

Just don’t worry about other people. Keep your eyes on your own path. Don’t compare because everyone is at their own stages. God will get you where he wants you to be in His own time. Even though I have no idea what the crap I am doing, I try my best not to worry about it because God will lead me where He is calling me. That is what I am currently struggling with and am working on trusting that God does have a plan.

Can we talk about relationships?

That's another big thing I have been working on too. I have been reading Uninvited because I do have a hard time making friends. I only just started it but I’ve been praying about that and other relationships. For the first time I wrote down a list of what I want in my future husband but it is a very intimidating list. I’ve been praying for my future husband every single day.


What have you been specifically praying?

It changes, I have a hard time praying for God in a formal sense. He is more like someone that is always around so I just talk to Him throughout the day. It is never ending, there is never a period it is just ongoing. I have a hard time praying specifically for my future husband because it is so detailed. My list has 18 things on it! So I went online and found this website that has different prayers to steal. For example, one prayer was for Him to be given Godly friends and another day is to give Him a good work ethic. It is a fourteen day devotional that is meant to jumpstart your prayers. I specifically pray every night before I go to bed for the things on my list and the prayer for that day.

Here is the link to the prayers //  A Lovely Calling
*Warning: These are very proper prayers and they aren’t actually how I pray, don’t be afraid of making it more casual!*

Let’s talk about your list! Are they external or internal things?

So I researched a lot about this and looked at other people's lists which is why mine is now 18. These are internal character traits except for one (handsomeness). I think that if his internal character is right for me then I will be attracted to the right man. 

What are a few characteristics from your list?

God is always number one on the list, all the others can come in whatever order. Integrity, Gentle // slow to anger, & has good communication skills. A big one for me is genuinely family oriented, wants kids and loves family get togethers. I personally think you can have selfish focuses on your list too! I have: pursues and loves me passionately.

Looking back after I made my list, which is why I encourage people to make a list, he literally did not check off one trait on my list, not one. Isn’t that crazy?

Can we talk a little about your recent boyfriend and what you learned?

The first time we broke up, I felt deeply broken. It sounds silly because I am so young but I really felt this daily ache of missing him. I had a lot of regrets and what ifs. When we got back together then broke up for the second time, I felt more at peace. I had opened up a lot more with him and just gave the relationship my all. When we broke up the second time, I didn’t cry. I had prayed about it and I felt God laid a blanked over me of peace and calmness. Looking back after I made my list, which is why I encourage people to make a list, he literally did not check off one trait on my list, not one. Isn’t that crazy? I loved him. It shocked me how much peace God gave me. I am such an emotional person it really is proof that God was at work because I will cry at a dog food commercial any day of the week. But the end of that relationship was tearless except once & now I’m moving forward.. 

People settle but God doesn’t want us to settle. All you have to do is ask for your hearts desires then leave it in His hands


The only other thing I wanted to touch on because I know you have a really good perspective on it is acne. I know a lot of people don’t like talking about it.

I start Accutane on Monday and I am really excited about it. It is very controversial because of it being a strong medicine. I haven’t even started yet and I have done so many tests. The number one side effect is depression. In reality think acne actually causes depression.

This society is so self focused and fake they have built an ideal image that we are all suppose to uphold.  It is embarrassing when people focus on the bump on your forehead instead of making eye contact with you. It is degrading, It makes you want to hide in a shell. I hate pictures of myself, I even cried when I looked at my senior pictures. It does make you quieter and not want to draw attention to yourself then you think, Oh my gosh people aren’t going to like me because of my acne.  

How do you think people should address Acne?

It's hard to give advice because I still struggle so much with it. I think the number one thing is that appearance isn’t everything. If someone looks at you and doesn’t want to be your friend because of your appearance then they don't know what a true friend is. Someone loving you for exactly who you are is exactly what you need in your life. They are the only kind of people you need in your life. If people act weird around you then you don’t need that kind of hate in your life. Sometimes you just have to get up and say this is who I am and I am going to put on that pink lipstick and rock it. My dream is to put on mascara and walk out the door. You just have to be happy in your own skin, God still loves you.

What is your favorite dessert?

Homemade Red Velvet Cake

Favorite Book?

Redeeming Love

What is your favorite animal?

An Orca whale… I can't help but cry about them.