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the Bible can be INTIMIDATING! You know you should be reading your Bible but it can just be overwhelming. When I became a Christian at 16 I didn't know where to start. Now 5 years later I am confident in my understanding of Scripture and I actually find joy in reading it! 

Ready to get to that point?




The Basic Bible Course is a two part experience built to teach you how to read the Bible without  help of a Bible Study.

amazing e-book + Intimate Facebook Group


✨You dive into the 50 page ebook. I know 50 pages sound like a lot but some of them have pictures, it should only take you about 2 hours to read it through! It's meant to serve more as  a reference then a step by step guide. 

This ebook goes through different topics like starting with your mindset, developing your why, the absolute basics of the big Bible story, what a covenant is, how to read the Bible in context + more! It includes printable worksheets too so you can use them as you dive into the Word for yourself. 😃


💻You along with some other girls on this same adventure, will meet with me everyday on the Facebook group. This is where we will take the information of the ebook and actually apply it, together. Accountability is something we can often lack but is VERY important when beginning this!









IF YOU WANT TO see results you have to put in the work. It will take About thirty minutes a day to fully and truly learn these principles and apply them! are you ready to understand God's words to you?


This is for you if...

- You see the Bible as intimidating and you aren't sure what to do with it.

- You are ready to go deeper with God but aren't sure where to start.

- You need community to push you to stay in the Word everyday.

This isn't for you if...

- You already have a good understanding of the Bible

- You aren't ready to make a daily commitment to God, me and the other girls.



Why can't I just use a Bible Study?

When you use a Bible study it's like you are sitting down at the coffee shop with God and the author of the Bible study. God is speaking, just not directly to you. The author of that study is hearing God's words then interpreting them to you. 

When you open the Bible and study it for yourself, you are hearing DIRECTLY from God, no interpreter needed!

Do you want to know God personally or do you want someone else to tell you about Him?

When does this session start?

Registration ends September 16th (or before if we are full!) then you have one week of time to prep and we dive in on September 24th!

What happens after I buy? 

You will first receive the ebook so you can be reviewing it before we start meeting in the facebook group! Registration for the new session with end with at least one week between signing up and starting with the group. You will receive an email inviting you into the facebook group and more details!

Do you offer refunds?

Not satisfied after this course? 100% money back babe. 


Are you ready to know how to read the Bible, become closer to God while experiencing this in community?

Enrollment is currently closed but join here for FIRST access when we open again!